Change Your Choices

Change Your Life…Tips for a healthier you

About Me…

 I had never been a workout or health nut, I wasn’t even all that physically active until I hit age 40 and my body turned on me.  I was always fortunate enough to not have weight or health issues and never really thought about how the choices I make affects what happens in the future as far as health is concerned.  Then…weight started piling on and I just wasn’t as peppy as I used to be.  I have worked in the supermarket business for 20 years and all time I spent walking on concrete floors was taking its toll.  The whole family (husband and 2 daughters) joined the local Y and fitness became our new lifestyle.  My first attempt on the treadmill left me winded and I never imagined that one day I would be teaching but here I am teaching 5 classes (or more) at our local YMCA!  I have been teaching cycle, strength, and core classes for the past 5 years and I love it. 

We also started looking at what we were eating (lots of processed foods, red meat, and eating out) and made some changes there as well.  More whole grains, fruits and veggies, and less sugar, fat, and chemicals.  Thankfully, my husband is not a fussy eater and is willing to try any new product or recipe that I serve.  Most have been successful, some will not make a return visit to the dinner table.  As I lost weight and my energy returned, people at work started asking “What is your secret how did you do this?”  My response became “there is no secret, no magic pill, just make better food choices and move around more.”  It sounds so simple but just being told to make better choices isn’t easy, whether it is food or any other  choices you need to get through life (paper or plastic is a tough one for some people!). I will be posting tips and hints on a variety of topics to help you make the decisions that are best for you and your lifestyle.

So- here we go…Change Your Choices- Change Your Life


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