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You lift weights?

on February 29, 2012

Yes, I do lift weights.  In fact, I lift weights three times a week and I lift heavy weights.  I pick them up and put them down!   And yet I don’t look like this:

or this:

While some women (and men) like this look, most women are afraid to lift weights because they think they will bulk up.   Trust me, women do not have the genetic potential to have muscles like this except in very rare cases.  We simply don’t have enough testosterone which is needed for the development of muscle bulk.  Women like those pictured most likely have some “assistance” to get this look.

Why should you lift weights?  Here are some great reasons:

Lifting weights gives you an edge over belly fat, over stress, over heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. lifting even makes you smarter and happier. You will lose 40% more fat, burn more calories, and your clothes will fit better.  Your body will stay younger, have stronger bones, and be  more flexible.  Your heart will be healthier, your diet will improve, you will sleep better, fight off depression, and add years to your life.

Yes, you can be strong and sexy!

Really?  Picking things up and putting them down will do all that? Yes!  Yes, it will!

I know those of you who don’t lift weights are thinking up all kinds of excuses as to why you can’t or won’t lift weights.  I have been teaching strength training for almost 6 years now and I have heard it all. In fact, I was once one of those naysayers.  My daughter convinced me to join a class at the Y. We hid in the corner and stayed away from the mirrors.  We avoided putting too much weight on the barbell.  We complained about our sore muscles and came up with all kinds of reasons to skip class until one day I looked in the mirror and saw shoulder muscles.  And then biceps.  And my triceps stop wiggling.  Hmmmm……I kinda liked the results and continued to add more reps and more weights.  Before you know it, I was in front of the class showing other women (and men) how much fun weightlifiting can be.

Do you still think strength training isn’t for you?  Come back tomorrow and I’ll bust some of those myths and overcome your excuses.


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