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It’s Fat Tuesday!

on February 21, 2012


If you live in northeast Wisconsin or any area with a strong Polish community,  you most likely saw several news stories about today being Paczki Day in addition to Fat Tuesday.

So what’s the big deal?

While doing some research, I learned that Paczki  (punch-key) are made and eaten on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. (tomorrow) These donuts were originally made to use up the lard and eggs in the pantry before Lent.  While traditional Paczki have a prune filling, these days there is a wide range of flavors, including Bavarian crème, strawberry, lemon, blueberry,  and chocolate crème.

The typical paczki has 600 calories and about 27 grams of fat, depending on the filling.  (yes, that is in ONE).  If you decide to splurge, keep in mind that your body will be working extra hard to process all that artery clogging fat which could cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. It would be wise to avoid any strenuous activity for several hours after eating it to avoid any heart related issues.  I think that any food that comes with a blood pressure warning should be totally avoided, but I’ll let you decide for yourself!

Don't be surprised if your heart does this after too many Paczki. Enjoy in moderation



One response to “It’s Fat Tuesday!

  1. Amanda Trom says:

    I don’t remember ever hearing of Paczkis in Wisconsin, but here everyone FREAKS OUT for them.

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