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Is this Tunsa and Salstun?

on February 16, 2012

I’m  not sure what to call this super easy snack but this is a good one!

Combine one can of tuna with your favorite salsa.  Use Triscuits for scooping.

Wow- that’s a short recipe.  Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

Tuna- always buy tuna in water not oil.  Chunk “light” does not mean it is lower in calories.  It means the tuna is light in color and not white tuna.  There are mercury warnings for tuna so don’t exceed more than 2- 6 oz. servings per week and stay away from tuna if you are pregnant.

I found this great product on the shelf- how handy is this for throwing in the lunch bag?  It is more expensive than buying the can of tuna but certainly less messy.  This portion controlled container has 70 calories and a Nu Val score of 53.  Starkist Low Sodium in water has an impressive score of 81.

Salsa– My favorite salsa is our store brand, Carlita’s.  It has a decent Nu Val score of 33 and just 15 calories per serving.  Choose your favorite from mild to super hot.

Triscuits–  You can probably use any type of cracker but Triscuits are hardy enough to not break and have a really good crunch.  They are also one of the higher rated crackers as far as nutrition is concerned.  Triscuits with a Hint of Salt have the highest score with 38 but the other flavors are in that range. 7 crackers=120 calories.   FYI- Ritz crackers score a 3 meaning they have the same nutritional score as many candy bars.

This easy snack is great for those mid-day munchies and should stave off hunger until dinnertime.  Total calories=about 200.


One response to “Is this Tunsa and Salstun?

  1. Peg says:

    Great for a break when you work over a meal time!

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