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Happy New Rear- final post for Butt Week!

on January 7, 2012

Let's do some squats!


By now we all know that having a strong butt, hamstrings, and hips is essential to a healthy body.  Let’s put it all together for a butt-centric workout you can do 2-3 times a week.

Start with a warm up.  Some of my favorite moves:

High Steps- Cross your arms in front of your chest like a genie.  Raise one knee has high as you can, lower, and then lift the other.  The goal is to get your knees to touch your arms.  Do 10 steps on each side

Hamstring Stretch- Keeping your knees slighlty bent,bend at the waist and touch your toes. If you can’t get to your toes, stop when you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings (back of legs) Hold for a few seconds and stand.  Repeat 10 times

Toe Touches- Arms out to the side, twist and touch right hand to left toe (or in the direction of your left toe for beginners!)  Turn your head and neck to look up toward your left hand.  Switch sides. Do 10 times

Jumping Jacks- do 10.

Routine: See previous posts for instructions.  Your option to use weights where applicable.  This is a beginner workout, add more moves or more reps as needed.  x= number of times to do this move.  For example: 8x means do 8 times.

Standing Lunges- 8x right leg, 8x left leg

Squats- Shoulder width 8x

Basic Bridge- 5x

Donkey Kick- 15x on each side

Swingers- 5 on each side

REPEAT this routine 3 times. Feel free to add more, this is pretty basic but a nice beginners workout.


Hip Flexor stretching is essential


I hope you enjoyed Butt Week, it’s great to start the year with a strong rear!

We've been looking at ladies all week, time for a change!




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