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Here’s a 21st Century Ailment!

on December 5, 2011

Are you experiencing hand, wrist, and shoulder pain? It might be from texting.


Texting Tendonitis, also known as Blackberry Thumb, is a new ailment that is afflicting the smart phone user, especially prolific texters.  This is a type of tendonitis from cell phone use that can affect arms and shoulders as well as fingers and hands.  Here are some exercises to help prevent smartphone-induced pain.  For each, work both hands and do three sets of 10 repetitions twice weekly.

Strengthen the Opposing Muscles– the muscles on the back of the hand need to be exercised to off-set the use of the front muscles.  Close your fingers and thumb as if to grab an envelope.  Wrap a rubber band around all your fingers at the knuckle.  Open your hand to stretch the rubber band.  Do this 10 times, then rest.  Do 3 sets of 10 then switch to the other hand.

Wrist Extension with a Dumbbell– if you don’t have a dumbbell you can use a soup can or another item that you can grasp.  You should use a 3-4 lb weight for the best results.  Holding the weight, place your forearm on a surface so only your hand hangs over the edge.  Relax your wrist so it bends down.  Raise the weight, keeping your forearm on the surface, hold for 8 seconds and relax down.   If this is uncomfortable, start with a 1-2 lb weight and gradually add to it.  Do this 10 reps, rest then 2 more sets of 10.  Remember to do both wrists.

From this position,, flex hand up keeping your arm on the desk. This is also a great golf exercise.

Some other tips to avoid Texting Tendonitis:

Don’t always type with the same two fingers.  This is easier if you rest the phone on your desk instead of holding it in your hands and will also take stress off your shoulders.  It  isn’t always practical but do it when you have the chance.

>Don’t text more that a few minutes without taking a break

>Keep your messages brief.  If you have a lot to say, do it on a full keyboard.

>Choose a phone that has a virtual keyboard on the screen as it requires less force that keyboard buttons.

Thanks to Bottom Line Personal for these great tips!



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