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Some Interesting New Cardio Workouts

on November 16, 2011

It is recommended that adults get 30 minutes of aerobic (cardio) activity at least 5 days a week to maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and burn calories. This does not mean a stroll around the block, you need to get your heart pumping!

I teach cycling 3 days a week which would seem like enough cardio but I don’t work at my full potential when I’m teaching so I need more.  I tend to hit the treadmill but that can get boring and the elliptical doesn’t give me enough weight-bearing exercise.  (Cyclists tend to have weak hips because the seat does most of the work!)

Hurray for Men’s Health- they came up with some great new cardio routines- no equipment and not much space needed, these can easily be done at home.

The “55” workout Start by doing one body-weight squat and 10 pushups. Rest for 30 seconds, and then do 2 squats and 9 pushups. Gradually work your way up to 10 squats and down to 1 pushup. You’ll complete 55 reps of each exercise by the time you’re done—and reap both the cardiovascular benefit of aerobic training and the muscular pump of a strength session.

Jumping-jack pyramid Do as many jumping jacks as you can in 10 seconds. Rest for an equal amount of time. Next, do as many jumping jacks as you can in 20 seconds, and rest 20 seconds. Then do 30 seconds of jumping jacks followed by 30 seconds of rest. Now work your way back down the pyramid (30, 20, 10). Repeat three times.

We did jumping jacks in my strength class last week-this old gym class favorite really gets your heart pumping.  You will also notice your core working and you might have some sore calves later in the day.  We also did old-fashioned toe touches- yikes!  Everyone had sore hamstrings the next day.  Sometimes the simple moves are still the most effective.  I’m going to try the Jumping Jack pyramid tomorrow-I’ll let you know how it goes!

Do you have a favorite cardio routine to help bust the boredom?  Please pass it along!


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