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Time for a Treat!

on October 23, 2011

Saturday was a beautiful day in Northeast Wisconsin, which is rare in late October.  We were running some errands and found ourselves having lunch at the Atlas Coffee Mill in Appleton.  They have a beautiful outdoor deck that overlooks the Fox River, I thought it would be too cold (after all, it was only 60!) but the sun was shining so we sat outside to eat.  You never know when it’s the last nice day so we like to take advantage of every one. 

Beautiful late fall day. MIght be the last before the snow falls.

The Atlas has many fairly healthy choices which makes it easier to eat well.  Randy had a breakfast burrito which was eggs and veggies in a whole wheat tortilla served with fresh fruit (including raspberries!)  I had a Portobello Mushroom Panini filled with cucumber, feta cheese, and hummus.  I ordered the half-size which was more than enough.  It was served with a side of kettle chips (11 chips. Surprisingly, that was enough when it is portioned out instead of the whole bag)

While we ate we watched the ducks, geese, and seagulls while hoping to see some bald eagles (darn-none today). And then it happened.  I went inside for a refill of Diet Pepsi (no lectures on diet soda, please), and I spotted the giant chocolate chip cookie.  In a moment of weakness,  I found myself buying that cookie. 
This is how a cookie should be served!

The cookie was warmed, served on a glass plate with a side of fresh fruit.  I ordered one so we had to split it.  Half was plenty and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The message here?  If you eat healthy most of the time, it is just fine to treat yourself once in a while.  And be sure to share that treat- you’ll both enjoy it and you will only get half the calories!

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