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Time to Squeeze our Buns!

on October 14, 2011

We all know that slumping is bad for our posture, but did you know that sitting is just as bad?  In fact, it might be worse!  We tend to sit a lot.  Some of us sit at a desk all day, others in a vehicle.  We sit to work on the computer and to watch TV.  So, why is sitting so bad?

When you sit, the muscles on the front of your hips become short and tight while your glutes (butt) actually lose the ability to contract.  (think of pancake batter spreading out in a pan)

The combination of tight muscles in front and weak muscles in back causes your pelvis to tilt forward which is not an attractive look.  Even if you are thin this posture will make it appear that your belly is sticking out.  This also puts a lot of stress on your lower back which can lead to pain.

What do sitters need to do to keep our lower half balanced?  Here is a video that demonstrates a great exercise for your glutes, no equipment needed. I prefer to do this with my toes raised, pressing through the heel. Do 1 set of 8 on each side then do 1 more set on each side. To finish, see how long you can hold in the up position, pressing your hips toward the ceiling and giving your butt cheek a big squeeze. Work up to 30 seconds on each side. Remember, when you do one side- you have to do the other!

Hip flexors should also be stretched everyday. There are many stretches but this is my favorite:

Don’t get frustrated if these moves aren’t easy, it took awhile for you to lose strength and flexibility so it will take a while to get it back. Do what you can and then give it a bit more each day. Your bottom half will be in great shape before you know it!

Tomorrow we’ll do some exercises to help ease “Text Neck.” Yes, there is such a thing and we are all suffering from it!


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