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Starbucks VS McDonalds

on October 10, 2011

Today is National Frapee day so I am re-running this post for those of you who want to celebrate!


After my posts on some of the new summer beverages at McDonald’s, I was asked to check out the new Frapee and I’m sorry to tell you that this might be the worst of the bunch.  It is not a coffee drink, it is a full fat milkshake in a coffee disquise. Let’s look at the nutritional info:

Good gosh, I didn’t even get past the first line and I had to stop when I was checking the facts so this is all I have for the 16 oz. Mocha Frapee:

                    560 calories; 24 grams of fat; 70 grams of sugar

OMG!  The average adult should consume 2,000ish calories in a day so this beverage is over 1/4 of your calories for the WHOLE DAY!! 

Let’s look at the sugar- 70 grams??  Seriously??  That equals FOURTEEN TEASPOONS.  If you really think you want to order a frapee, before you leave home- get a 16 oz. cup and measure out FOURTEEN TEASPOONS of sugar and see if you still want to order it. 

If you really need an icy chilled coffee drink, Starbucks would be a better choice, though not really that great, either. A 16 oz Frappuccino has 370 calories; 15 grams of fat; 54 grams of sugar. Still shocking but better if you need to fill that craving. 

Try this:  Go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of Starbucks Light Vanilla or Mocha Frappuccino and pour it over ice or blend.  It has 180 calories, 3 grams of fat but it does have 31 grams of sugar (about 7 teaspoons).

Let’s make it even better! 
Light Mocha Cafe Recipe
3 tbl. coffee3 tbl light chocolate syrup 3 splendas8 ice cubes 1/4 cup  vanilla soymilk or almond milk1/2 cup  water


Put all ingredients into frappe maker and blend
Calories:108 Fat: 1 gram, Sugar: 17 grams

  This is easy to make and look how much better it is nutritionally.  It pays off both for both your weight and health to read the labels and do some research before indulging. 



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