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Time to Follow my Own Advice!

on October 3, 2011



I have been on a sugar laden calorie binge lately and I’m starting to feel it.  My heart beats harder, I don’t sleep well, and I’ve put on a few pounds.  I don’t count calories on an everyday basis but it’s time to get serious and logging what I eat seems to be the best way to kickstart my healthy habits.

I use but there are several other online sites such as that will track calories eaten and calories burned.  Livestrong also shows me how much fat, sugar, sodium, fiber, and protein I am eating each day. 

I set up my plan to lose 1 pound per week, and my lifestyle is sedentary.  Yes, even though I work out 6 days per week, my daily job is basically sitting at a desk so I don’t burn many calories during the day.  After plugging in a few more numbers, I was given 1,293 calories for the day.  WHAT??  I won’t have any calories left after lunch! 

This is how the first day went:

Breakfast- Kashi Go Lean Crunch, fresh blueberries, Almond milk, Healthy life bread and peanut butter=413 calories

Lunch- Deli Chicken on an Arnolds Sandwich Thin, sugar free yogurt, Quaker 90 calorie bar=369 calories

Snack- banana and 1 slice of bread with peanut butter=251 calories

Dinner- Festy 1/3 lb burger with no bun, baked french fries, romaine salad, chocolate skim milk=674 calories

Bedtime snack=Cookies n Cream ice cream 1/2 cup (I can’t go cold turkey on the sweets!) 180 calories

Total calories in=1,887 ouch. 

BUT- I taught cycling this morning and lifted weights which burned 319 calories plus took a brisk 20 minute walk before dinner to cut another 131.

1,887 in minus 453 out= 141 calories OVER my goal for the day.  I should have skipped that dish of ice cream or had a sugar free fudgcicle instead. It’s all about making good choices. 

Tracking calories has its place in weight loss- it shows me that even though I make pretty healthy choices, I can do better.    Your results might vary but I will be tracking everything for the next month to see if I can improve my eating habits and kick up the workouts a bit. 

 Using a program to count calories is a real eye-opener and might help you with portion control. You might find yourself going for an extra walk around the block to burn a few calories if you have had a bad food day. Many of these sites also have mobile apps so you can check out the menu before you order to help you make good decisions even when you are at a restaurant.

It’s simple math.  If you want to maintain your weight, calories in =calories out (burned)

To lose weight, burn more calories that you take in. 

Unfortunately, most of us take in more calories that we burn which equals weight gain.

Do you know how many calories you took in today?






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