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An Easy Treadmill Workout!

on September 30, 2011


The treadmill does not have to be boring!

The title is a bit misleading- the instructions to this workout are easy but the workout itself is pretty intense! 

With the weather turning colder and daylight hours getting shorter, many of us are being forced indoors which means getting on the treadmill, bike, or other cardio type machine.  I like to mix it up but tend to end up on the treadmill on the days I don’t teach cycling. 

Here is a great 30 minute workout that will burn lots of calories and get your heart pumping:

Start at a fast walking pace (I use 4.5) and 0 incline.  At 1 minute, raise the incline to 1.  At two minutes, raise the incline to 2. Continue raising the incline 1 degree until you get to 15.  Keep your speed up as long as you can, I usually decrease the speed to 4 at around 7 on the incline.  DO NOT hang on to the side or front bar, keep those arms swinging!  Decrease 1 degree at minute 16, drop one more ant minute 17, etc. until you hit 30 minutes and are back to 0 incline.  Adjust your speed as needed but be sure to let your heart rate drop down during the last 3 minutes or so.  Most people skip the very important cool down.    You run the risk of feeling faint or passing out if you hop off the treadmill when your heart rate is high.

If you are new to the treadmill you might want to  make it a 15 minute workout by only taking it to 7 and back down.  Continue adding a minute or 2 each day as you increase your endurance.  There are many different treadmill workouts to bust the boredom, I’ll post some more next week.   


Drink water throughout the routine and have a towel ready at the end!



3 responses to “An Easy Treadmill Workout!

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  3. daengtea says:

    Thanks for suggest, simple tips…

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