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Take a Trip to Mexico!

on September 13, 2011



This is where we are going on our e-vacation!

Well, it’s an e-trip, but it’s a nice e-vacation with an e-magazine!  We live in Manzanillo a few months out of the year and I have been writing for our local magazine there.  This publication is not only for the U.S. and Canadian snowbirds like us, it is also for those who live there year round. 

Here’s the link : Click on the cover of the September magazine for the latest issue or check out the back issues for more articles.

It might take a few moments to load and you should probably take a glance at the directions to get the full viewing experience but it really isn’t difficult to navigate.  You’ll find me on the Fitness and health page (of course!) 

Take a look through the magazine, lots of fun articles about living in Mexico- enjoy your e-cation!

This is the view as you are landing. Close your eyes and take a 2 minute stress reducing e-vacation!



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