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It’s the Pits

on September 8, 2011


I love working out but I hate trying to get sweaty workout clothes clean and fresh smelling.  The new “dri” type fabrics help keep you dry during an intense workout but the tight weave can really hang onto that funky smell, even after washing.  It also seems after a few washings that detergent alone just won’t cut it.

A few tips:

1- If you can’t wash your workout wear immediately, rinse  and hang up.  If you are too lazy to rinse, at least hang it up.  Bacteria and mildew will thrive on sweaty clothes that are left in a gym bag or hamper. If you do have mildewed clothes, try running them through a hot wash with a cup of vinegar.  It might clean up the mildew but no promises.

2- There are several new detergents for athletic clothes that I’m told work well but I think they are a bit pricey for as many loads as I do a week.  Instead, I add 1/2 cup of borax to the load.  Oxiclean or baking soda also work well.

3-Wear layers.  I have a tank that I wear under my good stuff that absorbs most of the sweat.

4- To prevent underarm stains (yellow pits), apply antiperspirants at bedtime, when your body is less sweaty.  It won’t wash off in your morning shower as the active ingredient has been absorbed overnight. This is a good habit for everyday to keep clothes stain free.

5- There is a product called PitStop that works great on yellowed pits, not just on workout clothes, but white dress shirts as well. 

You can find this on Amazon

4- Give everything a soak in Oxyclean once a month.  I don’t like to use hot water on good workout clothes so I soak in warm but cotton can go in hot.   Soak for 30 minutes before putting through the usual cycle.

Keep a can in your gym bag!

6-Smelly shoes?  Have two different pair and wear them every other day to let them dry completely.   Dr. Scholls makes a spray that is also effective and the new anti-bacterial socks can help with shoe odor.    

Working up a sweat is good, smelling like it is not!




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