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Size Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Number

on September 2, 2011

Daughter Rachel and I often go clothes shopping together and we are both obsessed with the number on the tag, the smaller the better!  We know this is wrong but we just can’t help ourselves.  We have also figured out that we can wear smaller sizes at some stores (Ann Taylor, Banana Republic) than at others (JC Penney) so guess where we shop.  I recently had to buy a shirt for work and because I am long-waisted I had to buy a Large to keep it tucked in.  A large!!  I worked hard to lose weight so I was just stunned by this development.  Would it be really vain to remove the tag?  LOL! 

This post is for those of us who still obsess over numbers.  STOP IT!  The number on the tag is very subjective, there are no standards anymore for women’s clothing.  Sizing standards were dropped in 1983, at that time a woman who was 5’4″. weighed 125 with measurements 35-26-37 would be a size 12.  Today this same sized woman would typically buy a size 4.  I guess that’s why we never saw Size 00, 1, 2, and 3 back then,  they were added as the sizing shrunk. 

I also obsess about the number on the scale.  I shouldn’t, but I do.  While weight and BMI are general guidelines to health, it’s not the most accurate way to know if you are fit. Many “overweight” people are healthier than those who fall into the normal category.  Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers is 6’3″, 240 pounds and is considered obese on the BMI scale.  Really? 

Whitney Thompson won America’s Next Top Model as a plus size- here she is.  5’10”, 165 lbs.  She wears a size 8.  She is considered “Plus Sized” in the modeling world.  

Is it any wonder that we have self-image issues and that we obsess over size and numbers?   We should be concentrating on  what we are eating, how much we are exercising and how well our body is functioning.  If you are doing things right, your weight should fall into place and you will feel fit and strong. My advice? Burn more calories than you take in, eat a diet rich in fiber,  whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and move around.  Also… stop obsessing about those numbers!


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