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It’s Strawberry Sundae Day!!

on July 7, 2011

Yes- fresh strawberries and ice cream!  A sundae has to be one of my favorite treats but there are many ways that this combination can be unhealthy.  Never fear- it can also be made healthier with just a few changes. 

First- make it at home so you have control over the portion size and the ingredients.  This is not a difficult thing to make so going through the drive up window is just plain lazy. 

Speaking of drive-up window, let’s see how they compare-these are the stats on the smallest size sundae:

Dairy Queen                  McDonalds                   Culvers
240 calories                   280 calories                    342 calories
7 g fat                            6 g fat                              18 g fat
35 g sugar (9 tsp)          45 g sugar (11 tsp)           30 g sugar (8 tsp)

Let’s make it at home instead!  

-Edy’s 1/2 fat slow churned vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup) 100 calories
-Fresh sliced strawberries (1 cup) 49 calories
-Redi Whip Fat Free (2 tbl) 5 calories
-Maraschino cherry (1) 8 calories
Totals for homemade: 
 162 calories
2 g fat
21 g sugar (5 tsp)

 As you can see, making this at home saves a lot of calories, fat and sugar.  I know it is only 1/2 cup of ice cream but if you add 1 cup of strawberries you won’t even notice.  Even better- freeze half of the strawberries to give you the ice cream texture. 

 I use Redi Whip as it has a few less calories but it is a toss up between that and Cool Whip fat free.  Neither is healthy but they are darn tasty! 

You could also sprinkle a few walnuts or peanuts on top, but just a few as they are fairly high in calories.  If you are really looking to go light, use angel food cake in place of ice cream and save 35 calories.  It isn’t technically a sundae, but it is an excellent dessert or late night snack!

Mmmm…I can’t wait to have one.  Maybe two if I add to my workout today. 

Change your choices….change your life!


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