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on June 25, 2011
Toyota Avalon Limited - Front Angle, 2006, 800x600, 7 of 34
It’s not just a car, it’s a gym on wheels!

We just finished a 9 hour road trip through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and managed to get a workout in while we sat in the car.  These moves are good if you are on a long trip, or just a short drive.  Anytime you get a chance to work in a few moves, take it. 

1- Stop every hour to stretch.  I know this will add a few minutes to your trip, but you will feel SO much better.  Get out of the car, raise your hands above your head and reach to the sky with a big inhale then fold over at the waist and let your head, neck and arms relax down while exhaling.  Do this 2-3 times. Walk around for a few minutes to get the blood flowing to your legs.  Do a few more stretches and you are ready to go. This could potentially save your life as it will help prevent deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) that can occur from sitting for a long time. 

2-  Chest Lifters-While driving, grasp the steering wheel in the 9 and 3 position.  Pull outward as if your were tyring to expand the wheel.  Hold for 5 seconds and release, do 5 reps.  Next, press in as if you were trying to squish the wheel, hold 5 seconds, do reps. This will work biceps, shoulders, and chest. 
3- Butt Winks-Your butt gets tired and flat after sitting for so long so wake it up.  Squeeze just the right cheek and hold 5 seconds.  Release.  Squeeze the left cheek and hold for 5. Release.  Now it’s time to “wink” by alternating squeezing right then left, back and forth until you can’t do it anymore.  If there are 2 of you in the car, make it a contest- who can “wink their butt” for the longest time.  Or maybe who can wink the fastest! 

4- Bicep and Arm Toning– Reach up and grab the handle above the window.  Your arm is bent at 90 degrees.  Squeeze your bicep as if you were going to use it to pull you out of your seat.  Keep that muscle tight until you can’t do any more.  Ideally, you will be able to switch seats so you can do both sides!

5- Red Light Challenge!  While stopped at the red light, sit up as straight as possible.  Pull your shoulder blades back until they are touching. SQUEEZE and hold for the length of the red light. 

6- Banish the Slump–  We tend to sink into the seat and slump down.  Sit up straight.  Lift your shoulders up toward your ears and the bring them down and back.  Pull your belly button to your spine.  Push your butt way back in the seat.  Hold your head up and pull your chin back, don’t let your head drop forward.  Big breath in, fill your lungs, then big exhale out.  Keep this perfect posture for 10 big breaths. 

Whew!  You will arrive at your destination refreshed rather than needing to take a nap!


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