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Road Trip!

on June 24, 2011

We are headed out for our annual summer trip to beautiful Detroit!  Our oldest daughter lives there she needs a good dose of mom and dad once in awhile.  
The plan is to take the northern route there, the U.P. is always fun and then we don’t have to hit Chicago and Milwaukee twice, we’ll get them on the way back taking the southern route.  We aren’t going to be in a huge hurry so I’m going to pack a cooler and stop frequently for snacks.  Our usual road meal is bologna sandwiches with American cheese and Miracle Whip.  I haven’t had one of these in awhile but since it is a tradition, I am going to make them, but make a healthier version. 

Let’s Give this a Makeover

Original                                                   New
OM Bologna 2 slices                             OM Light Bologna 1 slice
Kraft American Cheese 1 slice               Sargento Reduced fat colby
Miracle Whip 1/2 tbl                              Miracle Whip light 1/2 tbl
Wonder White Bread 2 slices                 Healthy Life 100% whole wheat 2 slices

Calories:    448                                          Calories: 200
Fat:           24 g                                          Fat:           10g
Sodium:    1,230 g                                     Sodium:    728 g
Fiber:          4 g                                          Fiber:          5 g

There are other ways to make this sandwich even healthier such as a low-sodium cheese or no cheese at all, using a high fiber bread, using mustard instead of mayo, but this is the way I like it.  As you can see, I can eat twice as many sandwiches and still take in fewer calories.  Yes, I know, I would also have to double the fat and sodium so I’ll just have one sandwich.  Maybe…

We really should have a turkey sandwich with tomato and lettuce but this is an old stand-by car food so we are going for it!  As you can see, by reading the label or Nu Val score, you can still eat some of your favorites but make them a bit healthier.  I’m just not going to make a steady diet of this one!

We’ll also have some baked Lay’s potato chips and some carrot and celery sticks to round out this meal.  For beverages we’ll stick with coffee for Randy, Diet Pepsi (my ONE vice) for me, and water for both. 

Dessert?  Yes, there will be fresh fruit in the car but we’ll most likely have Twizzlers for Randy and Junior Mints or Whoppers for me.  After all, it IS a road trip and one junk food item per day is allowed, it’s in the rule book- just make sure it is under 400 calories and has no trans-fats. 

Road Trips can also lead to a bigger bottom so tomorrow I’ll discuss Car-robics!!


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