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I am NOT lovin’ it!

on June 22, 2011
Contrary to their tagline “I’m lovin’it,” you should not be loving the new McDonald’s Strawberry Lemonade

 It looks so refreshing but here is the dark truth:

1- When the weather is hot- stay hydrated but avoid caffiene, alcohol, and high amounts of sugar.

2- A 16 oz serving of this lemonade has a WHOPPING 67 grams of sugar which is equal to 16 teaspoons!

3-The Michael and Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living says, “The real problem is that almost all sugar-sweetened soft drinks contain no beneficial nutrients, only calories, and with the adult and child obesity epidemic, encouraging reduced consumption of empty calories is the right thing to do. Not only do sugar-sweetened soft drinks have calories, they way your body perceives calories you can drink more than you can eat before becoming satiated. (This means your body does not count calories that you drink so these calories to not satisfy your hunger). Sugar-sweetened soft drinks are also associated with the development of obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes.”

4-Too much refined sugar may raise your blood pressure and contribute to elevated triglycerides, a type of fat in your blood. Both conditions raise your risk of developing heart disease. High consumption of refined sugars may also increase body inflammation, aggravating arthritis or autoimmune conditions.

5-Bacteria in the mouth feed on refined sugars, creating tooth decay. Sugar causes glycoproteins to adhere to the teeth, resulting in the formation of plaque. The bacteria adhere to the plaque, and begin the process of decay. Avoiding sugary snacks is a recommended method of protecting your teeth.

So, what should you have instead?  Water is the obvious answer, but sometimes you just want something cold and fruity on a hot summer day.  I checked the frozen aisle and found these options. 

Edy’s No Sugar Added Fruit Bars
Nu Val=33
Sugar=1 g
Edy’s Fruit Bars with Superfruits
Nu Val=42
Sugar=11 g
 Nestle Frozen Lemonade Cup (also comes with strawberry)
        Nu Val=11
        Sugar=20 g
        This is a 12 oz serving
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice
Nu Val=1
Sugar=20 g
This is a 6 oz serving. 
Cedar Crest Lemon Sherbet
Nu Val=3
Sugar=27 g
This is a 1/2 cup serving!
Other than the Edy’s, none of these are a great choice nutritionally but if you are looking for a frozen treat- head to the grocery store not to Mc Donald’s.  You can save many of calories and prevent several grams of sugar from messing up your insides! 

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