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on June 15, 2011
This article is for snorers or people who sleep with snorers.  My husband is a world champion snorer and I am a light sleeper- not a good combination!  I was tired of his snoring keeping me awake and he was getting irritated that I kept poking him to roll over or chasing him to the couch! Snoring is not only annoying, it can have serious health consequences such as  heart strain, daytime fatigue, depression, irritability,  and restricted airway which can lead to oxygen deprivation. If snoring is accompanied by sleep apnea (a condition where the sleeper stops breathing multiple times during the sleeping cycle), the snoring person needs to seek medical attention for this potentially life-threatening condition. If you suspect that your partner has sleep apnea, one of the more obvious signs is hearing the snorer stop breathing for a few seconds, and then gasp for breath, usually without waking.
Some tips to stop snoring:
If you suspect Sleep apnea — get tested and properly diagnosed. The main treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine
1.       Plump up the pillows and double it. Use plump pillows, and try sleeping at a 30 degree reclining position rather than flat. While sleeping flat on your back causes the flaps near the airway to collapse (and that’s the main cause of snoring), sleeping slightly upright might reduce that collapse.
2.       Lose weight. Fatty tissue at the throat is a contributor to snoring. You might not like this advice, but it is true that weight is a significant factor to snoring.
3.       Stop being male . Yes, men are more likely to be snorers! If this is not an option, keep reading.
4.       Sleep on your side. Tip: put a tennis ball  tucked on the back of your pajamas to help remind you to only sleep on your side. It’s the angle of the neck that usually contributes to deeper and louder snoring. Side sleepers tend to snore less. 
5.       Avoid these foods just before sleep: dairy and soy milk, alcohol, caffeine, and large meals. Sugary foods should also be avoided just before sleep, just another reason to eliminate those late night snacks. 
6.       What ultimately worked for us was “Pure Sleep”  It took awhile for him to get used to it but definitely worth the money as his snoring is almost nonexistent.  Find out more here:
Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night so don’t let snoring keep you awake.

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