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Even non-celebs have Cellulite!

on June 2, 2011

In fact, 85% of women, both fat and thin, have cellulite.  It seems so unfair to post pictures of cellulite on the cover of tabloids but I guess that’s part of being famous.
So- why do we have cellulite?  There are 3 reasons, only 1 of which we can control.

1- Hormones- this is why men infrequently have cellulite.  If you are in a bar in Thailand, check for cellulite before proceeding.  (this is a Hangover 2 reference!)

2- Genetics- if your mom has cellulite, you problaby will.  In the extremely rare “mom in a shorts or swimsuit” sightings, I don’t think my mom has much so thank you to her for that!

3- Lifestyle- You can control this one!  Diet and exercise are two big ways you can diminish cellulite.  

There are certain foods with benefits that naturally help strengthen connective tissues, repair cell membranes and increase circulation, all essential components to cellulite management.

A few diet suggestions include:
·         Whole Grain and Fruit Breakfastto boost  
          antioxidant levels.
·         Stay Hydrated– to keep your tissues and cells  
          supple.  Drink lots of water every day!
·         Eggs– the yolk is filled with lecithin which helps strengthen connective tissue. Eat 2 eggs each week.
·         Soybeans and Seaweed– both are boosted by lecithin.
·         Diet Rich in Raw Fruits and Vegetables– filled with both water and nutrients, I am going to a raw  food class in a few weeks and hope to learn more about this.

Exercise encourages better circulation, which can help get things (like fat cells) moving. But more than that, it minimizes the appearance of cellulite because, if you lose weight there is less surface area to display the stuff.

Here are the best exercises to help with cellulite:
·        Cardio– cardio is the best weight loss exercise that helps burn fat and lose weight.
·        Explosive Exercises– to really engage the cellulite affected area. Like what? Reverse Lunge with a Leg Lift, Step Ups w/ a Leg Lift.
·        Isometric Exercises– static exercises to hone in on the affected area and make it really burn. Like what? Single Leg Plank, Wall Sit, Airplane- a great isometric Yoga pose. Look for a strength or yoga class at the gym or search You Tube for videos to help you work out, otherwise  Exercise on Demand is great if you have cable. 

Minimize sun exposure – I know, it’s almost time to slip into that teeny weeny bikini,  or maybe just a tank top and shorts, but you want to remember to apply the SPF first. Why? UV rays can destroy connective tissue, causing blood vessels to weaken, and making cellulite more visible. I know… tanned skin seems to hide the appearance of cellulite, but instead of ruining your skin, use spray tans or self-tanning creams to create a smoother appearance.

Cellulite or not, don’t be afraid to flaunt your gorgeous body that you have been working so hard for and don’t worry about the paparazzi, if Beyonce and Kim Kardashian don’t mind everyone seeing their cellulite, neither should you!


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