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Warning- Pregnancy Story Ahead!

on May 26, 2011

It is my oldest daughter’s 27th birthday today (yes, I started young!) and I don’t get to be with her so I am writing a birthday posting for her. 

My pregnancy story:
When I was first pregnant with her I had such horrible morning sickness that the doctor told me to eat double meals so I could at least keep some of it in.

When I was about 6 months pregnant, the doctor told Randy not to buy me candy for Valentine’s Day because I was getting too fat.  Yes, I kept eating for 2 even after the morning sickness ended.  Randy bought me a cherry pie, he didn’t think I was fat- or he know better than to say anything.

When I went into labor they put me on a SCALE!  Really?? The pain isn’t bad enough, let’s show you how much you weigh.  I was 195- a gain of about 75 pounds.

I leaned quickly that removing  a 7lb 7 oz baby will not remove 75 pounds from your body. I went back to work 6 weeks later wearing maternity clothes. I was lucky that at age 21, weight does come off without alot of work because in those days I did not exercise.  It took me about a year to lose it all. 

Fast forward to today- I currently have two pregnant women in my classes, they both cycle 2-3 times a week and strength train 1-2 times a week.  Both are due in about 2 months.  My niece had a baby by c-section in March and was out running as soon as her doctor cleared her. I sure wish I had known about working out back in the day! 

Anyway, I googled “healthy birthday” looking for a cake recipe but found this “gem” instead.

Healthy Birthstones: May: Emerald

The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and is thought to contain the goodness of life. Its magical properties include peace, harmony, love, fidelity, honesty, and good fortune. Placing a stone on the tongue or wearing it the left side of the body is said to bestow the ability to see the future. Emeralds are considered to have great healing power, especially for the heart, lungs, blood, pancreas, eyesight, and lymph nodes. Healers also use emeralds to improve the immune system, lift depression, and restore mental and emotional equilibrium.

Hmmm…not sure that I am into putting an emerald on my tongue, but to each his own.  If you would like to find out the health benefits of your birthstone click here.

Hey Daughter #1- have a Happy and HEALTHY Birthday!


One response to “Warning- Pregnancy Story Ahead!

  1. Pinhead says:

    Did Rita design that birthday cake…I see cabbage!

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