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Rise and Shine!

on May 19, 2011

Lots of people want to get up early and work out but they just roll over when the alarm goes off, here are some tips to get going:

  • Get organized. Lay out shoes, socks, and workout clothes the night before to make the morning as easy as possible. Have your car keys, water bottle, etc. ready to go.   You might even want to try sleeping in your workout clothes. 
  • Make a playlist. Don’t forget an iPod, and make sure it has a variety of songs to prevent boredom.
  • Rise and shine. Plug in your alarm clock across the room so that it can’t be turned off without getting out of bed. Do not allow your brain to let you stay in bed.  If you exercise outside, don’t let the weather stop you.  Rain, snow, wind will all add to the excitement of your workout!
  • Exercise with a friend. It’s tempting to skip a workout when it’s just you, but if someone is waiting  you tend to feel guiltier about letting them down.
  • Sign up for an early AM class.  My 5:15am cycle and strength classes are full.  LOTS of people work out early and a class is a good motivator to get up. We all have bed head and no makeup an no one cares!
  • Have fun. Make your workout enjoyable so you don’t dread it. Do something you like.  Once you make it a habit, you will find that you can’t wait to go to bed so you can get up and exercise!  (I know, a few years ago I would have thought that was nuts, too)
  • Adapt when necessary.  Morning workouts may be great for jump-starting the day, but if a conflict arises, try working out at night instead or adding time to the routine the next session.  

Remember: Exercise at any time of the day is better than no exercise at all, but the benefits of a morning fitness routine are plenty.
Morning exercise revs the metabolism and jump-starts energy levels, actually accelerating your ability to burn calories, it gets the endorphins flowing so that when you’re finished you have greater acuity, less anxiety, improved mood, and increased ability to concentrate, all of which contribute to a better day!



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