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Let’s Do Some Mini-Robics!

on May 5, 2011

We are a very sedentary people.  We sit at our desk, in the car, watching TV, and surfing the internet.  Machines and gadgets do a lot of our work for us so we need to get bits of physical activity whenever and wherever we can.  You still need to get 30-60 minutes of “real” exercise several times a week, these “Mini-robics” are just a bonus!

How To  “Mini-Robic”
– Park your car as far away as possible, the extra steps to the door can really add up. Bonus- you’ll remember where you parked and are less likely to get door dings.
– Better yet, if it’s possible, leave the car at home and bike or walk to where you are going.  If you take a bus, get off a stop or two before your destination and walk the rest of the way. A good rule of thumb- if it is less than 2 miles or less than a 5 minute drive- don’t take the car. 
-NEVER take the elevator if it is less than 5 flights up.  NEVER take the elevator down, no matter how far!  NEVER use an escalator, if it is your only choice, you can walk on it, don’t just stand there.  Same goes for the moving walkways in airports, don’t use them or at least walk when you’re on it.
-Stand up when you are on the phone. Standing and walking is even better. You’ll burn a few calories and shape up your legs.  Bonus- your voice projects better when  you stand.
-Don’t use the drive up window at the bank.  Park your car and walk in.
-Use the bathroom that is farthest away, preferably up or down a flight of stairs.  This applies at home or work.  Remember to plan ahead or you might burn a few more calories by running!
-DON’T use the remote!  Do it the old fashioned way.  Get up off the couch and change the channel.

While many of these minirobics don’t burn a huge number of calories, when you use just 10 more calories per day than you take in, you will lose about 1 pound weight gain over the span of 1 year.  This doesn’t seem like much, but 1 pound per year from high school to social security adds up!!


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