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It’s Cinco de Mayo!

on May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army defeat of the French in 1862.  Lately it seems to have become more of a holiday to signify Hispanic and Mexican pride and I actually see more celebrations here in the US than in Mexico.  In the grocery store it has become an opportunity to sell beer and tortillas!

 I’m going to use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to have some Mexican food and maybe a bottle of beer or two.  If you are planning to celebrate at your favorite Mexican restaurant, you can eat healthy,  just plan ahead and stick to it. 

Say yes: chicken or vegetable fajitas, gazpacho, grilled chicken or seafood dishes such as arroz con pollo (which means chicken with rice), soft tacos, tamales, fish tacos, or chile con carne without the cheese. Order a bean burrito instead of beef or cheese to lose lots of calories and gain some fiber.
Say no: fried tortilla chips (I know, they’re good, but they’ll add LOADS of calories and fat to your meal. Try a soft  corn tortilla with salsa instead) Also say no to nachos, chimichangas, crunchy tacos, quesadillas, and taco salad.  What?  Say no to salad?  Say no if it is loaded with ground beef, cheese, and served in a big ol’ fried tortilla bowl!
 A few more tips:
-Corn tortillas are healthier that flour tortillas
-Soft tortillas are a much better choice than crunchy
-Stay away from anything deep fat fried like chimichangas
-One margarita can pack up to 800 calories!!!  A Corona light has 105 calories and no sugar.  However, this doesn’t mean you can have 8 beers. 
-Salsa is low calorie and one tablespoon counts as a serving of vegetables.   
-Ask if you can switch the sides of rice and beans for a lettuce salad or ask for grilled vegetables.

There are lots of good choices that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.  If you do give in to temptation and overindulge, be sure to allow some extra time to workout tomorrow!


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