Change Your Choices

Change Your Life…Tips for a healthier you


Welcome to Viva la Vida- Live the Life!  This is my first blog so take it easy on me and be patient with the changes I will most likely be making.  Most of you have found me from my Live Healthy Daily Tip e-mails that I sent every day during our 100 day challenge.   Please subscribe to this blog as I will no longer be sending the tip through company e-mail.  Feel free to refer friends and family as well.

The name Viva la Vida has several meanings to me.  Yes, I know it is song by Coldplay, in fact, I use that song quite often in my cycling classes.  This blog is also about living your life to the fullest and doing everything possible to keep yourself healthy.  I also love Mexico and have many friends there and wanted to tie my two lives together.  Thanks to daughter Amanda for the idea.

Daily Tips will start May 1!